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Revised 2015 OS © Crown copyright 2016  CAS-14333-H6F4P9 Licensed extract from OS Landranger Map 103

To the Trough

To Jeffrey Hill & Chipping

Hall Hill

Where will the artists be on painting day?

The above extract from Ordnance Survey Landranger 103 map and descriptions below indicate the areas where artists will be working.  The laminated version of the bigger scale Explorer OL41 map is highly recommended with public footpaths denoted as green dashes.  Instant Street View might also be useful.

Artists are asked to create works at locations within the grounds of the Inn at Whitewell, the event marquee, and local places on the Whitewell Estate.  This year the area as shown on the map has been extended in north-south directions therefore some artsists might be working as far away as the Trough of Bowland (north), Jeffery Hill and Chipping village (south). There are no public admission charges.

 -The Piggeries ancient meadows immediately west of the inn and St. Michael's church, running along the bank of the river Hodder. The meadows form part of The Inn's property but please keep clear of the immediate vicinity of the Piggeries cottage and stables occupied by hotel guests. 

The Inn's interior and rear river-terrace, only accessible through the hotel main bar, are NOT available for artists' pitches on 12th June. However these iconic scenes can be achieved by working from preliminary photos/sketches and by:
a) outdoor locations at the immediate western and eastern gables of the inn.
b) inside the marquee which faces north over the river, with space for up to four artists. 

- North: along Dunsop Road to Burholme Bridge over the river Hodder to Dunsop village.  Just before Dunsop there is a left turn to the Trough of Bowland, please go no further than the highest point of the Trough, marked by a cattle grid 5.5m from the inn.  Any further and you will be in Lancaster!  There is also a short 100m footpath from the hotel marquee (event office) between the river and Dunsop Road to a small stone veranda overlooking the bend in the river (aka Bride Pool) and back to the hotel. 

South: towards Lees, Wild Boar Park, Leagram, Jeffrey Hill (famous viewpoint with parking) and on to Chipping village centre five miles from Whitewell.  

East: from the Whitewell Social Hall up the steep Hall Hill in the direction of Cow Ark far as the elevation point marked 228m where there are viewpoints, a lay-by and footpaths running back down to Seed Hill and the inn. Alternatively the ascent of Hall Hill can be made on foot starting from the inn and Seed Hill, using the OS map. The organisers have improved the initial footpath signs  >  that start from near Whitewell Social Hall, passing behind Seed Hill Cottage, then on to the quarries and Hall Hill summit. There are views at every stage when using the footpath routes. There have been serious incidents on Hall Hill road and should be avoided on foot. 

West: by crossing the river Hodder into the field opposite the rear of the inn. Access is via stepping stones (river level permitting) from the Piggeries meadow 200m downstream from the inn. Persons traversing the river stepping stones should be experienced walkers wearing suitable clothing including protective headgear, and do so entirely at their own risk. Access permission to the immediate field over the stepping stones has been confirmed. Further afield are views by car via Burholme Bridge to Reed Barn and Dinkling Green, stopping at elevation points 166m and 199m.  This route is also an alternative to using the stepping stones to access the field at the rear of the inn.

9am to 10am: Artists' only registration and refreshments in the marquee
10am to 1pm: Painting at individually chosen pitches
1pm to 2pm: Optional break, the inn takes lunch orders 12 to 2pm
2pm onwards: Painting until 
preferred, check-out with organisers

Daylight hours in June are extended so artists that would like to arrive before 9am and/or work into the evening please inform us of your plans.

Sale of works
We expect some works to be sold on the day, before they are completed.  All the Works will be exhibited initially at Whitewell Social Hall then Platform gallery in Clitheroe.  The Artists' sale price of the works will be shared 50:50 between the artist and Mancheck.

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