In the Spirit of J.M.W.Turner

On the painting day some artists might like to follow in the footsteps of Turner's six sketches of Whitewell, and create The Turner that never was.  Two hundred years of changes to the vegetation and Whitewell buildings might challenge the creation of an exact Turner scene, but why not go for it?

The Tate has Turner's sketches listed online and numbered D01955, D01953, D07521, D01957, D07520 & D07522 via this link.  Select any of the extremely faint six originals, then to view the digitally enhanced version click 'Next image'.
Enhanced versions have files denoted by suffix _E, example D07522_E shown below.












Artists that wish to follow In the Spirit of Turner should carry out their own research and preparatory work starting with the aforementioned information and Tate link.  The Ordnance Survey map OL41 weatherproof version is recommended and invaluable to anyone wishing to further explore this amazing region of England.  A visit to The Inn at Whitewell, Slaidburn, and drive through the Trough of Bowland ravine would place well at the top of anyone's bucket list.

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